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Education Resources

The Investment Company Institute and other organizations offer a variety of valuable financial literacy and investor education materials and tools. Explore the materials below to learn more.


ICI Member Firm Financial Literacy and Investment Education Resources

BlackRock Education Center
The first step towards investing is learning the basics. Explore the different types of investment funds and asset classes and get started with planning for retirement or another life goal.

Fidelity Financial ForwardSM
A fast-tracking financial literacy education, providing support to K–12 students and teachers in underserved communities. Because with an understanding of how finances work, anyone can make better personal finance and investing decisions for their life.
Fidelity: Financial Education Across All Phases of Life
Financial education resources for investors of all ages and goals.

The MassMutual Foundation’s FutureSmartSM
FutureSmartSM is a MassMutual Foundation national initiative that brings critical financial education to middle and high school students, families, and educators.

Morgan Stanley’s Financial Literacy for Any Stage of Your Life
Financial literacy means being equipped with the knowledge to make smart financial decisions during every stage of your life. No matter your current priorities, a strong financial literacy foundation can help you meet your goals.

Schwab Moneywise®
Schwab Moneywise® can help you budget, save, and invest your money, manage debt, and achieve your life goals.

Financial education, retirement calculators, and financial tools

T. Rowe Price’s Money Confident Kids® Program
The Money Confident Kids® program gives parents and educators the financial education tools to help kids think now about saving, spending, and investing for a lifetime of good money habits.

Vanguard’s My Classroom Economy
My Classroom Economy is a program that enables any educator to teach children financial responsibility through fun, experiential learning. My Classroom Economy can be incorporated into any curriculum, in any subject, and at any grade level. The program is designed to overlay—not interrupt—a classroom curriculum.