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ICI Education Foundation Celebrates Financial Literacy Month

Washington, DC, April 4, 2016–April is Financial Literacy Month, and the Investment Company Institute Education Foundation (ICIEF) is participating by encouraging all Americans to take advantage of resources that will help them develop healthy financial habits.

“Learning even the most basic financial concepts makes people more likely to accumulate savings and to plan for retirement and other financial goals,” said ICI President and CEO Paul Schott Stevens. “The ICI Education Foundation is excited to continue building on our partnerships with others engaged in financial education to develop, deliver, and promote investment education.”

“Financial Literacy Month draws attention to the need for people of every age and background to implement a financial strategy that helps them budget and save,” said Tina Kilroy, vice president at ICIEF. “Individual savers should take this opportunity to explore the many resources available and work to build a stronger financial future.”

Individuals interested in participating in Financial Literacy Month can learn more about developing healthy financial habits with the help of these tips and resources:

Start on the path to financial wellness. Follow this 30-step path to improve money management, starting by examining attitudes about money.

Check out these educational tools and games. The website of the Financial Literacy and Education Commission,, offers free resources from more than 20 federal government agencies.

Do your “due diligence” on investments. Learn how to research investments and financial professionals before making an investment decision.

Learn about the future of financial literacy. Sign up for a free webcast of the 10th Annual Financial Literacy Summit on April 20 that will focus on innovation in financial literacy.

Visit a local library. Locations around the country offer fun and informative events designed to help savers better manage their personal finances during Money Smart Week, April 23–26.

Teach kids about money. According to a survey from T. Rowe Price, parents who discuss financial topics with their kids at least once a week are nearly twice as likely to have kids who say they are smart about money. Teach Children to Save Day is April 29.

“It’s never a bad time to check up on your finances, but in April, we’ll all have more opportunities to get smarter about money,” Kilroy said. “ICIEF encourages every American to take advantage of Financial Literacy Month resources.”